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About Marc Serhan

Marc Serhan

Marc Serhan is a French Writer-Director  also known as an Actor, and a Cinematographer.  He is also credited in several Feature and Corporate Films as an Editor, oftentimes in addition to other credits for some of those productions.


For the Theater, Marc has either performed, directed, produced, designed/built sets, or stage-managed numerous plays spanning various genres. Here too, he has more often than not worn several hats on the same production.

In parallel, Marc is recognized as a Acting and Screenwriting Teacher, as well as a Photographer.

The passion for story telling in any form hit him when he received a 4x4 non-reflex film camera for his 11th birthday (Kodak Brownie). At 17, though he had turned into a Portrait Photographer, he went roaming the streets of the world to catch 'indelible stolen moments' from real people in real circumstances. Captured moments carrying within the gist of a story with no beginning or end —just a moment and the tale inhabiting that frozen moment.

Marc migrated to the US in 1993, packing this background with him. Nowadays, he edits selected movies if requested, coaches (Acting, Writing), and occasionally works as a Presentation Specialist, while intensely tightening the binds with his long-time passion, Photography, which, throughout all his various walks through life, has never left his side.

This is where he has now elected to build his new den, as a New York Portrait and Commercial Photographer.

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About Persona Prod

What's in a name!

Most everybody knows what 'persona' means. As for 'prod', the verb, most everybody understands that word, except they don't see the relation.

The two word-clouds below will hopefully clarify those meanings and illustrate how Marc photographs people, which is by prodding them to look inside the shell and spur their deep seated uniqueness to surface for the world to see.

"... the driving force that forges our dominant trait
 makes us stand out from the mass is just that: our persona.

That's what I try to capture in my portraits."

Persona Synonyms-Word Cloud
Prod Synonyms-Word Cloud
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